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JEMS Mount Hermon
Summer Conference

The dates for Mount Hermon are July 2nd to July 8, 2023

The theme for 2023 TBD

Main Camp speakers: Rev. Rene Schlaepfer and Rev. Peter Tsukahira

FUTURE Mount Hermon dates

2023 July 2-8

2024 June 30- July 6 - 75th Anniversary of JEMS Mount Hermon 

2025 June 29- July 5

2026 June 28-July 4

2027 June 27- July 3

2028 June 25 - July1

Mount Hermon 2022 Main Camp Sessions and Friday Night Delight

If you miss or missed Mount Hermon, here is a link that will take you to our morning and evening sessions, along with our finale, the Friday Night Delight. Please click here to watch the videos.

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After World War II, Japanese-American churches were dispersed and discouraged, and there arose a great need for mutual fellowship and encouragement. In 1950, a group of nisei pastors met and prayed at Mount Hermon for the spiritual awakening among the Japanese-American churches. Out of this gathering, the first JEMS Mount Hermon summer conference was born.


While JEMS Mount Hermon started out with just the youth camp in 1950, it has since expanded to six divisions. We now have the Family, Jr. High, Inter High, Sr. High, College, and Special Camps. Additionally, our JEMS Mount Hermon family has grown to include all Asian-Americans, not just Japanese-Americans.

God has used this ministry to bring many to faith. He has also given many the call to ministry at our camps. Apart from this, He has created a community of believers from across the country, and across denominations, who gather annually to encourage each other in their faiths. We thank God for all the numerous ways that He has used this ministry to bless His people.

We hope that you will join our JEMS Mount Hermon family!


Watch our 2020 Mount Hermon Online