JEMS Ministry

Japanese Evangelical Missionary Society

JEMS partnership with churches to expand ministries that span the globe.

Since 1950, JEMS has been blessed of God to expand and include many faceted ministries that span the globe today. By the nature of its multi-faceted ministry and outreach into the world which is becoming increasingly multi and inter-racial, JEMS has expanded beyond just the Japanese and Japanese Americans. JEMS ministries now includes other Asian Americans. We are being enriched and empowered to be more effective for doing the work of evangelism, discipleship, teaching the Word, training, equipping, unifying the believers and churches.

JEMS can be described by its four distictive ministries.

International Mission Ministries : Japan and South America
Campus Ministry: Asian American Christian Fellowship (AACF)
Specialized Ministries: Mount Hermon Summer Conference, Music, Sports, Nichigo, Men for Missions, and Women’s
Support Coordination Ministry: Headquarter staff to provide the support for the field ministries mentioned above

These key ministries were brought into being by God and entrusted to JEMS to fulfill God’s mission amongst the Japanese and Asian Americans.