"Jesus to every Japanese, Jesus every day."


Who We Are

Headquartered in Los Angeles, JEMS is a non-profit, para-church organization. Our various Christian ministries serve Japan, South America, and the United States. We are supported by an interdenominational network of Japanese and Asian-American churches and individual supporters.

Our Story

In May of 1950, JEMS was born at Mount Hermon as Japanese-American ministers met and prayed. After World War II, they had a dream to rebuild their churches, evangelize to their communities, and send the gospel of Christ back to Japan through the sending of missionaries.


Our Ministries

JEMS can be described by its four distinctive ministries:

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International Missions

Various ministries in Japan and South America


Support Coordination

Headquarter staff to provide the support for the field ministries mentioned prior


These key ministries were brought into being by God and entrusted to JEMS to fulfill God’s mission amongst the Japanese and Asian Americans.