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All our resources are available via mail order by check.

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Resource orders should be sent to the JEMS Office

948 East 2nd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Call 213 613-0022, or e-mail:

Please add $3.00 for postage and mailers of one or two items in the USA for most orders.

We invite you to visit our office in Los Angeles if you are interested in obtaining some of these resources in person.

Japanese-English bibles may be found at the Church Federation Bookstore next to Union Church in Little Tokyo, call 213-626-1090.


A Handbook for Prayer

Daily prayer requests covering the whole nation.
Information on each prefecture in Japan.
Key prayer targets and issues.

Never before has there been such a comprehensive prayer guide for a whole nation. Rev. Haruo Mitsumori, pastor of the Oji church in Tokyo for 40 years, has compiled geographical, cultural, and spiritual information that will help you understand the needs of Japan. This is no longer available in hard copy print. The Operation Japan Prayer CD-Rom is available through Don Wright at


JEMS Products (CDs, DVDs, Songbooks)

POSTAGE: Please add $3.00 for postage and mailers of one or two items in the USA.
Tax is included in the price of the product.

Montage I (1992)

(CD – sold out)

(Tape – $5*)

Christopher Hamabe, Phillip Kim, Raspberry JAM, Andrew Carney, Steve Kaji/Malcolm Mau/Tad Matsunaga, Jane Young/Jimi Yamagishi, Valerie Oishi/Dan Watanabe, Stacy Ozawa/ Andrew Carney, Rob Narita, Dan Watanabe

Montage II (1993)

(CD – sold out)

(Tape – $5*)

True Desire, Stacy Ozawa/Christopher Hamabe, Gregg Tekawa, Valerie Oishi/Andrew Shigekawa, Dan J. Watanabe, Junko, John Toda/Wendy Lew, Anastasis, Christopher Hamabe, Andrew Shigekawa, Jane Young, Powerplay, Raspberry JAM

Montage III “Ecclesia” (1994)

(CD – $10*)
(Tape – $5*)

Devon Davis/Irene Carranza, Stacy Ozawa, Andrew Carney, Kirt Kim, Junko, Becky Lim, Christopher Hamabe, Gina Nohara, John Toda/Wendy Lew Toda, Dan J. Watanabe/Stacy Ozawa, Lisa Wong, Sandy Liu

Montage IV “Praise” (1995)

(CD – $10*)
(Tape – $5*)
(Songbook – $10)

Valerie Oishi, Kirt Kim, Malcolm Toriumi, John Toda/Wendy Lew Toda, Catherine Choe/Mark Kato, At One/Janet Sung, Lowell Sue, Sandy Lui/Calvin Joe, Christopher Hamabe, Lauri Matsukiyo/Randy Wayamori, Christine Okada/Gary T. Lee, Junko, Calvin Joe/Jimi Yamagishi, Melvin Fujikawa, Jimi Yamagishi/JAMS Choir, Gina Nohara/Scott Lim, Tim Leung, Gary Yoshiba/David Cheng

Montage V “Affirmation” (2000)

(CD – $10*)

Losing Daylight, Lowell Edward Sue, Jennifer Sato, Tim Yang, Tracy Ozawa, Eric Kuo, Karin Anna Cheung, Mark Kato, Larissa Lam, ITP, Counter Culture, Steve Moriya, Ken Song, Revival Worship Band, Wendy Lew Toda, Calvin Joe, Andrew Carney


“Wes Terasaki Selections” Songbook (lyrics and guitar chords) – $12

This songbook has 32 of the WT favorites. Includes melody line, guitar chords, and lyrics. Includes all of the songs from the 1996 concert. The book includes favorites such as “He is God,” “Matthew 11,” “The Song He Brings,” “Ever the More,” “Bless the Lord,” “Jesus Mine,” “Bless the Lord in the Morning Sun,” “All Things New,” and others.

“An Evening with Wes Terasaki” CD – $12

This 1997 CD is from the 1996 concert that was dedicated to Wes Terasaki. Many of his friends and fellow artists joined him for a very nostalgic evening. The artists included Melvin Fujikawa, Roland Hazama, Calvin Joe, Phillip Kim, Shirley Ogata, Valerie Oishi, Jill Okada, Koko Tsuneishi, Randy Wayamori, and Jimi Yamagishi.

The CD includes: “Now That You’re Here”, “All Things New”, “Just To Be There With You”, “Rich Man”, “Ever The More”, “Jesus Mine”, “Love of My Life”, “You Have Call Me Friend”, “My Dear Young Son”, “Matthew 11”, “Dear God”, “Bless the Lord”, “Days of Love”, “Come Along”, “The Song He Brings”, “O That I Can Say, Farewell”, and “He Is God.”

“The Song He Brings” Songbook (lyrics, piano score, guitar chords) – $12

Includes: ‘Bless the Lord”, “Come Along”, “Ever the More”, “Hallelujah”, “He is God”, “I Love the Lord”, “Jesus Mine”, “Jesus My Lord”, “Just To Be There”, “Living Water”, “Matthew 11”, “My Dear Young Son”, “Now That You’re Here”, “Rich Man”, “The Song He Brings”, “The Time of Our Lives”, “Togethers”.

“Come Let Us Worship” Songbook (lyrics, piano score, guitar chords) – $12

Includes: “Be Gracious to Me” (Randy Wayamori), “Come Let Us Worship” (Phyllis Watanabe), “Enter My Heart” (David Dohi), “Jesus Be Now Among Us” (Wes Terasaki), “Jesus Loves You” (Paul Kumagai), “Let Every Song” (Koko Tsuneishi Yee), “Little Praise Song” (Wes Terasaki), “Morning Prayer” (Roland Hazama), “Share Your Life” (Jimi Yamagishi/Steve Uyehara), “There’s A New Day”, “A New Song” (Denny Sato).

“A New Way, A New Life” Songbook (lyrics, piano score, guitar chords) – $12

Includes: “Agape Love”(Phyllis Watanabe), “A New Life A New Way” (Wes Terasaki), “As You Love” (Phebe Nishimoto), “Days of Love” (Wes Terasaki), “Dear God” (Wes Terasaki), “Good Life” (Perry Kimura/Bill Watanabe), “He Who Dwells” (Phyllis Watanabe), “His Love” (Randy Wayamori), “Love Song” (Perry Kimura/Bill Watanabe), “Narrow Gate” (Wes Terasaki), “New Wine” (Perry Kimura/Bill Watanabe), “Praise the Lord” (Melvin Fujikawa), “Smile Song” (Jimi Yamagishi), “So Live This Day” (Roland Hazama), “Someone’s Missing” (Paul Kumagai).


2007 PNW “Then & Now” (Seattle, Washington) DVD – $12

This DVD is dedicated to the inspirational songwriters of the 70s and 80s and now.

Features: Faith Bible Church Worship Team; Anna (Fong) Sandefur; Phyllis (Watanabe) Solem; Jimi Yamagishi/Calvin Joe; Wes, Ryan and Dale Terasaki, Mush (John Mayeno, Jay Uomoto, D. Sato, Gordy Hall, Murray Mar); Cornerstone Worship Team, Stuart Sakoda, Koti Hu, SYTE Band.

2006 So Cal “Retro Nite” (Los Angeles) – DVD – $12

This 2006 concert was dedicated to the artists that participated in the JEMS ministries in the 1970s through the 1980s

“God really impacted my life through all the people I’ve come to know through JEMS and the affiliated churches. It’s a family of people I really love… 'Everlasting' getting together for this concert was inspiring and fun. I loved it.” —Randy Wayamori

“The Retro Concert was not to re-live something in the past, but to affirm our very present ongoing trust in the same God that never changes over time. My mind is still full of the music that was shared that evening-and how each of the segments worked very well individually and as a whole.” —Bill Watanabe

Featured: Randy Wayamori, Calvin Joe, Phebe Arlen, Dan Watanabe and Dale Asamoto, Everlasting [Art Fong, Melinda Hsai, Preston Lee, Ralph Ono, Dean Sato, Randy Wayamori, Jimi Yamagishi], New Wine Singers [Amy Chuman, Linda (Furuto) Giles, Mabel (Fujita) Harman, Roland Hazama, Arlene Inouye, Eileen Nawa, Bill Watanabe].


2012 FISH House of Hope (“The Fish Reunion”)

Photos from the group established in 1972.
Donation of $2 plus $2.50 shipping cost.


“Cherry Blossoms in the Storm”

Novel  (Robert and Gail Kaku)

A historical novel about three Japanese American brothers during WWII and how their Christian faith provided them strength. The three brothers find their lives turned upside down when they are caught in the cataclysm of war. Eldest brother Akira Omura is stranded in Japan and forced to fight against the country of his birth. In America, wartime hysteria sends younger brothers Tad and Danny to internment camps. They traverse oceans and even wider chasms of prejudice, hatred, and separation from loved ones, risking their lives to seek freedom and hope for the future.

(Available through Amazon)


Movie (Craig Shimahara)

The tale is a simple one on both levels.  A child of Christian missionaries, Madison has rejected his faith and placed his hope in the world of commerce. A brash young architect, Madison is on the verge of breaking through when he is laid off from his work. Entering into a month of depression he is confronted with the two directions his life journey can now take, a life with or without God. His wife played by Kaho Minami presents his life with God and his wife’s mother played by Okiko Saito presents the life without God.  At the same moment, within the mirrored battle depicted in the spiritual world, Madison’s rōnin meets the Dark Lord who wants to become his master. Sensing deeply that he does not want to join with darkness and reject God, Madison begins to study Scripture while his rōnin receives a special sword from a mysterious older teacher. This symbolic receipt of a sword allows us to see visually the spiritual battle that the truth of scripture is on his journey toward faith in God.

(Available through Amazon)

“Quiet Heroes”

History Book  (Rev. Tsukasa Sugimura)

American Quakers are viewed by the Japanese and Japanese-Americans as “quiet heroes” for their selfless acts of humanitarian assistance and resistance to racism throughout the 20th Century. Whether in response to the devastation of earthquakes or the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, or in response to the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II, members of the Society of Friends (Quakers) perceived their Japanese and Japanese-American neighbors as fellow humans, worthy of respect and humanitarian assistance. Reverend Tsukasa Sugimura pays tribute to the work of the Quakers as he documents this important history.

(Available through Tower or Amazon)

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