Mount Hermon Conference

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In 1950, young Nisei pastors who struggled to revive their ministries in California after the traumatic World War II evacuation, gathered their families and young people from various Christian denominations for the first Nisei Christian Conference in June of the same year. About 150 conferees and leaders attended the conference held at the Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center near Santa Cruz, CA.

Over the years, the conference has grown, and about 1,500 conferees from throughout the Mainland, Hawaii, Canada and Japan gather today. The original Mount Hermon campsite and three additional facilities accommodated the adult families, high school, junior high and college students, Special campers and professional career people. Since then, the inter-high and Nichigo camps were added.

This Mount Hermon Video is a sample of some of the activities at the camps.
This Mount Hermon Video includes testimonies from campers from all of the six  camps.

Past MH Photos of Main Camp, Special Camp and Youth Camps (See List: 1985-2012) are available at the JEMS Office. Please call for availability and to reserve your photo. You may pickup your photo at the JEMS Office or at any of the JEMS events.
There is no charge for the photos.


The Main/Family/Nichigo Camp Registration opens online February 3, 2020.
The Youth Camp Registration opens online February 10, 2020.

Future Mount Hermon Dates
2020: June 28-July 4
2021: June 27-July 3
2022: June 26-July 2
2023: July 2-July 8
2024: June 30-July 6
2025: June 29-July 5

Why Does God Want You at Mount Hermon Summer Conference?
  1. God loves you and wants the best for you.
  2. God wants to reveal His plan and purposes for your life today and for your future.
  3. God desires to show you how to cope with fears, loneliness, uncertainties and pains in life.
  4. God offers you a new start if you think you have failed somewhere along the way.
  5. God has the right promises in the Bible for you to discover and understand His will for your life.
  6. God wants you to know the secret of being a better person who can do good and be happy inside.
  7. God wants you to have good friends who care and believe in Jesus as their Savior, Lord, and Friend.
  8. God wants you to experience victory and success in your life on a daily basis.

Features of Mount Hermon
  1. A well-rounded vacation with a purpose for the whole family.
  2. Fully-equipped childcare, nursery and fun-filled day camping program.
  3. Inspirational contemporary and traditional music; great worship times.
  4. Lively Japanese language group with own leadership and program.
  5. Excellent recreational opportunities: swimming, hiking, golfing, jogging creek walking, nature walks, softball, tennis, volleyball, basketball, crafts and arts and more.
  6. Great food, warm fellowship, informal small groups and elective seminars on various topics.
  7. Special interest groups such as Young Marrieds, Singles, Widows and Windowers, and 55 & Better.
  8. Special programs for the developmentally challenged.
  9. Best facilities and beautiful setting available on the West Coast.
  10. Special tours, both self-guided and directed available throughout the week during free time.

Historic Photos of the Early Mount Hermon

Past MH Photos of Main Camp, Special Camp and Youth Camps (See List: 1985-2012) are available at the JEMS Office. Please call for availability and to reserve your photo.

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