South America Missions

Where People and Lives Cross

Update on South American Summer Missions

Based upon the input of the Nikkei Brazilian churches, Pastor John has forwarded a recommendation to the JEMS Board of Directors that the 2020 South American summer mission in its present form be cancelled.

Having said that, it appears that the Brazil churches would be open to the idea of providing virtual programs such as English classes, Bible studies, discipleship and workshops in areas of expertise such as guitar or cooking via Zoom. This virtual program is still awaiting the input of the Brazil churches.

Your next steps:
As an applicant, please notify me if you are interested in participating in this unique ministry opportunity, serving the Nikkei Brazilian church through distance-learning.
Clearly the majority of anticipated expenses for travel, housing, ministry costs, will be waived as there is no longer an onsite ministry. At most there will be some administrative costs from JEMS and some material costs, such as the purchase of a Zoom or Microsoft Teams account. Your participation in this program will still require the submission of a JEMS mission’s application, questionnaire and pastoral/Christian leader reference forms.

Thank you for your interest in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with those in South America. JEMS is saddened by the turn of events caused by coronavirus. At the same time, I am certain that God will somehow utilize your desire to share Jesus with those at home, until such time the opportunity for overseas service presents itself again.

Message from the Director

An intersection is the place where people and lives cross. The opportunities we have to share the good news of Jesus Christ flow along those places of intersection between our lives and the lives of those whom we meet and befriend. If we live in isolation and separation from the world around us, we lose the chance to fulfill the mandate of Jesus to be his witnesses. I believe that God still creates divine appointments or intersections for us. But these happen as we are open to interaction with those God places along our path.

JEMS Missions program seeks to create an opportunity for an intersection between yourself and those of another culture.

We offer the framework to build bridges of connection and friendship with overseas communities. Partnering with local churches, and using your unique skills with English language, sports, crafts, tech-savvy-ness or whatever else you have to offer, God can work to create that intersection of your life with others.

Within the context of these cross-cultural relationships, the seed of the gospel can be planted. And while you may not see the result, we entrust these men and women to the care and nurture of the local church to carry on and bring these seeds to harvest.

Won’t you be a part of the great commission in South America? Consider the intersections that God wants to bring into your life and ministry.

To learn more, write to me, John Katagi at the JEMS office: I look forward to having further conversations with you about the intersections God may provide for you in South America!


Rev. John Katagi

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