Short Term Missions

Japanese Evangelical Ministry Society

JEMS Japan Summer Mission & S.T.O.M. (Short Term Overseas Mission) Program. If you are interested in serving, please contact us at 213.613.0022. JEMS matches the groups and individuals with the churches according to the areas they wish to serve.

Current Short Term Missionary

One Year Short-Term Mission

Ami Hayashi
Serving on a one-year, short-term mission in Tokyo, starting in Fall 2015.  Ami’s  ministry is to teach conversational English to children and adults.   Ami will also minister in a bi-lingual worship service.
Please pray for her  outreach to the Japanese through her English classes and the people she  will meet through the church.

Current Short Term Overseas Mission Opportunities (for Individuals)

Short-Term Opportunities

To download an application form click here Word version  or  PDF version
To download the reference form click HERE

(Posted Oct 2015)
1. Roy and Nancy Toma, Iwakuni: Their mission plan for 2016 is to continue to work as assistant pastors at Calvary Chapel-Iwakuni Military Air Housing doing children’s ministry, administration, men’s ministry, discipleship, and family ministry. The community outreaches include teaching a “Firm Foundations” class (survey through the Bible) in Japanese, Bible English class, monthly visits to a local orphanage, and Next Journal literature distribution.

They are interested in a short-term missionary who can teach English, work with children’s ministry and VBS, literature distribution, administration and maintenance of ministry areas.  The ministry would be to the U.S. military, their families and the nearby Japanese communities. This is a support-raised position.

2. David and Yuka Mills, J-Lodge in Kanagawa: Their mission plan for 2016 is to continue building the business of the J-Lodge Coffee Shop so that it becomes self-sufficient and no longer a financial burden to the Chigasaki Church.

They are looking into an exciting possibility of opening a 2nd Coffee Shop ministry in partnership with a couple living in Shizuoka prefecture. Like J-Lodge, this ministry will focus on university students.
They also plan to extend our outreach to students at Tokai University through a hospitality outreach as we bring more and more students into our home for dinner and conversations.  In partnership with a local Japanese pastor, we are planning to extend our church planting efforts from monthly meetings to a weekly service.

They are interested in short-term career missionaries who can serve here at J-Lodge. This is a support-raised position.

3. New Life Church Omochanomachi – Tochigi Area, 1- to 3-Year, Short-Term Missionary (Female Requested)

  • Teach conversational English, 4 to 5 days per week. Day classes are usually pre-school to elementary school
    age. Evening classes are offered junior high school students and older. On Tuesdays, travel to Nikko to    teach
    English at a Kindergarten. Participate in worship on Sundays at New Life Church.
  • Lead the Summer School Program.

Housing: New Life Church Omochanomachi

4. English Summer School Program – Short-Term Summer Missions (Female Requested)

  • Assist with English summer school program for 4 weeks in July and August.
  • Teaching conversational English to pre-school and elementary school children 5 days per week, from    10a- 4p.
  • One of the five days is an outdoor activity, such as going to a park or swimming area. Should have interest in    teaching art, crafts and games.

Housing: New Life Church Omochanomachi

Past Summer Short-Term Mission Teams

2013 Summer Mission Tohoku Project Video of Tohoku area
2013 Four Summer Mission Teams for Tohoku Area
Kamaishi Team – Team Leader: Minako Fujimoto (JEMS staff) Ayaka and Jack Lau, Noriko Killey, Matt Sekijima.
David and Tomo Robison (JEMS Long-term missionaries assisting the team)
SOLA Team – Team Leader: Pr. Authur Hsu & Yoh Nago (translator) Andrew Feng, Rachel Chen, Tim Wu.
Morioka Team – Team Leader: Joe Moorman & Megumi Sasaki (translator, JEMS staff) Andrew Hatfield,
Justina Li
Grace Mission Tohoku – (Assisting Virgina Lavallee) Diana Lee with 3 volunteers from San Diego.

2012 Summer Mission Creative Arts Team
A team of various forms of arts: hula, hip/hop, praise songs, etc. Team Leader: Lowell Sue (JEMS staff)

Our Summer Missions program is between 2 to 8 weeks long and may include teaching English conversation, cooking and craft classes and sports activities to age-defined programs. These classes are conducted in partnership with Japanese local churches.

For those individuals with more time, the summer program may be extended 11 to 12 weeks. This timeframe fits within the parameters of the tourist visa.

English conversation is the basis for an outreach into the community. Sports, music, Bible study classes, drama, cooking and American culture classes, and games are included as part of the effort to build bridges beyond the church walls into the community.

Our Short-Term Overseas Missions (STOM) Program spans 1 to 2 years with similar responsibilities. People applying for the STOM program will require a Certificate of Eligibility from the Consulate in Japan in order for the applicant to receive a visa for 1 to 2 years. The Certificate of Eligibility will be handled by the requesting church in Japan.


  1. A born-again sincere Christian of at least two years.
  2. A demonstrated willingness to submit to those in leadership and authority within a local church setting.
  3. An openness to work with Christians of other denominational affiliations.
  4. At least college age and older. We also welcome those who are transitioning from the workplace.
  5. Those under financial obligations to parents must have parental agreement to participate in the JEMS Missions Program.
  6. A member in good standing of an evangelical church, in agreement with the JEMS’ Statement of Faith.
  7. Demonstrates flexible, positive, and mature attitudes of Christian life and service. Self-disciplined and motivated. In good physical, emotional, and mental health.

Other Desirable Qualities
If a Christian worker can understand and speak Japanese fluently, it will be to his/her advantage. However, if not, someone in the overseas congregation may be able to serve as an interpreter.

Various experiences in ministry, love for the Japanese people, and sharing the faith in Jesus are important qualities.

Other qualities include flexibility and willingness to serve in any manner at anytime, anywhere, being fairly organized, neat, and able to cook and manage oneself.

Varies somewhat with the placement of the worker, what the church may or may not provide, and the length of service.

For a six week missionary in Japan, the cost is generally about $3500 per person. For a retired couple, the cost will be about $4400 for 6 weeks, and $6000 for an 11 to 12 week ministry.

For those considering the 1 to 2 year program, there is a one time entry cost of approximately $2000, and a monthly support cost that varies from $900 to $1600 per person, depending upon how much the receiving church can provide.

(Ritsuko Jane Nishiyama teaching English in Hiroshima – 2010)

These costs include round-trip air travel, living expenses, insurance, training, pledge and prayer letters (2 times or more, depending on length of service), and administrative costs.

These figures assume that the receiving church will provide the housing, utilities, and some ministry expenses for English conversation classes. Occasionally, some churches will provide remuneration for teaching and/or international travel for a longer term of ministry in Japan.

Sometimes public and private schools request workers to come and teach conversational English. Trained teachers with certain teaching certificates or credentials are usually accepted. Adequate compensation is provided to cover housing, utility, personal living, and transportation by the worker, so fundraising may not always be necessary. At least a 1 to 2 year commitment is required.



(2010 Creative Arts Mission Team with OMS and Tokyo Bible Seminary friends) 2012 Creative Arts Mission Team


Currently we send one worker to one church. Some churches that are in close proximity may request workers, so the workers may be able to get together once a week. If several workers are needed for camp ministry, they will go as a team. Churches usually cannot handle more than one worker, but some may want a husband and wife team. Occcasionally, JEMS has specialized teams focusing on a specific type of outreach, such as musical performance (hula, gospel singers) or sports (basketball).

Opportunities to serve come from churches in Okinawa in the south to Hokkaido in northern Japan. If you have a preference, let us know. Final decision on placement will be up to JEMS.

Who’s leading?
We have a Japan Coordinator, Rev. Timothy Himei, who looks after our workers in Japan. In the U.S., Rev. Rick Chuman is currently coordinating the ministry to Japan while we are looking for a full time director.

We have workers who have gone to Japan before provide excellent training and share their helpful experiences. Members of our Japan Sending Committee and staff provide training as well. To get workers informed on Japan, we provide a booklet titled Operation Japan which is informative and a helpful resource for praying for the people of Japan.

After the mission trip, we will provide an appropriate debriefing session or retreat. This will be a very helpful time to reflect on the ministry experience by sharing and praying together.

JEMS will help workers raise support by giving them ideas/information on designing, writing and sending prayer/fundraising letters on an as-needed basis. A worker will need to compile a list of prospective supporters, complete with address and phone numbers, in order to form a support team. JEMS will assist in getting the word out to prospective supporters.

JEMS will receive funds and give tax-deductible receipts to donors on behalf of the approved worker. Designated funds will be kept in each worker’s account.

Short of Funds
If the worker does not have sufficient funds before departure time, a personal advance from the worker may be required. This personal advance is refundable according to the donations received. On rare exceptions, JEMS may advance the balance of the shortage, not exceeding 25% of the total cost. The worker will be required to make every effort after returning from Japan to contact prospective supporters to make up the shortage.

(Ann Winters teaching English at New Life Church in Ochanomachi, Tochigi-Ken)

Application Processing Procedure
  1. Prospective workers must download and complete the application and reference form from people who will affirm your calling. Allow 6 to 9 weeks processing, so early application is recommended. Application fee is $25, payable to JEMS. Please write “Japan Mission App” on the check memo line.
  2. All applications and recommendations will be received and evaluated by the Japan Sending Committee.
  3. Before the mission worker is officially approved, the worker’s home church pastor will be contacted for their approval and support/endorsement. In the meantime, it is recommended that the mission worker begin preparing his/her pledge/prayer card and support raising letter and compiling a personal mailing list.
  4. After the approval notification from JEMS, the mission worker shall contact prospective supporters for financial and prayer support in order to raise funds.
  5. Assignment to a particular church will be made in due course.
  6. Orientation and training sessions will be provided. Each worker is expected to attend all sessions. Make up sessions can be provided, if necessary.

A born-again sincere Christian of at least two years. A demonstrated willingness to submit to those in leadership and authority within a local church setting. An openness to work with Christians of other denominational affiliations. A member in good standing of an evangelical church, in agreement with the JEMS’ Statement of Faith. Demonstrates flexible, positive, and mature attitudes of Christian life and service. Self-disciplined and motivated. In good physical, emotional, and mental health. Other qualifications…