Japan Missions

To Share the Gospel with the People in Japan

Missions to Japan have been a major emphasis and focus for JEMS since its inception. JEMS’ missions program was mobilized as a result of two dissimilar events.

The first mobilizing factor came from within: a vision was stirred within the founders of JEMS to share the Gospel with the people of Japan after the end of the second World War.

The second mobilizing factor came from without: Christian Niseis (second-generation Japanese Americans) came forward as candidates, willing to serve in Japan, only to be rejected by major US Christian denominations due to post-war hysteria and prejudice.

As a result, it was evident that an agency sympathetic to the vision and faith of these Nisei Christians would need to be created. It would be these two factors which would serve as the catalysts that gave birth to JEMS in 1950.

In Japan, less than 1% of Japanese are identified as Christians. Most of Japanese claim no personal religion, but follow traditional religions such asShintoism or Buddhaism.
In an effort to support Japanese Christian leaders, churches and to reach out to Japanese nationals, JEMS has partnered with Japanese Christian organizations creating opportunities for ministry and service.

JEMS has several programs that may be considered: career and vocational missions, Short Term Overseas Missions (2 year minimum), as well as summer mission programs (3 to 8 weeks).

Those interested in missions to Japan are invited to consider serving through their local church in partnership with JEMS.

Please contact the JEMS Office for more information at 213.613.0022

Japan Short-Term Mission
Download a missions application form and a reference form.