Music & Media Ministry

The goal for 2020-21 is the production of a new songbook and recording of original “praise songs” from the JEMS Music Community.  For additional information, please contact JEMS Music and Media Ministry
or call 213.613.0022.

The following is the continuing goals of the JEMS Music and Media Ministry
  1. Continual production of songbooks and recordings to enhance the worship and growth of the church.
  2. Provide opportunities for musicians, song writers and artists to use their God-given talents in concerts at home and foreign missions.
  3. Development of music as a tool through which the Gospel of Jesus Christ can be shared.
  4. Use of music as a means through which we can be faithful to God in sharing our experience as Asian American Christians. CCLI Guidelines

You can support us with prayer or financially Click Here and join in our recording projects and outreaching events (concerts). Contact us at 213.613.0022.

Music and Sports Director 
Mary Tabuchi

Mount Hermon Worship Coordinator  

JEMS Music and Media Ministry

948 East Second Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone:: 213.613.0022
Fax :: 213.613.0211
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