Men 4 Missions

JEMS Men for Missions was first organized by Rev. Sam Tonomura in the 70’s in Southern California with Ray Fujino as the first
chairman and then in Northern California with Dr. Jack Tsuji. The purpose is to work with Christian men to support and enhance the
ministry of missions of JEMS and fufill unique evangelism opportunities by:

  1. Encouraging and recogniziing JEMS missionaries by arranging send off and welcome home gatherings;
  2. Offering JEMS missionaries opportunities to meet supporters and share their ministries;
  3. Raising funds by sponsoring events such as golf tournaments to support missionaries, mission candidates, foreign church
    planting and projects.

Men for Missions helps develop leadership skills through the events which encourages them to serve in their home churches. The
Men for Missions also facilitates good fellowship and valuable partnership between men from other Asian American Churches.

Men for Missions welcomes anyone interested in getting involved to support and enhance missions. With your ideas and service,
please contact Rev. Rick Chuman, Exec. Dir. of JEMS (;or Rev. Sam Tonomura (
Opportunities of involvement and support See General Events.
Click HERE to Donate to Men for Missions.

Please keep in touch and see you at the next opportunity!


Putting Contest during tournament

Annual Missions and Mount Hermon Golf Tournaments

Missions – Northern California – 2nd week of May
Mount Hermon Scholarship – Southern California – 1st week of June
Missions – Southern California – 1st Friday of September (usually before Labor Day)


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If you would like to participate, please contact Rev. Sam Tonomura at 213.613.0022
For current tournament registration forms See General Events