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2021 INFO

DATES: June 27th - July 3rd, 2021 (if permitted by CDC and the state of California)

JEMS is planning to have an "in-person" FAMILY CAMP Mount Hermon this summer. However, we are unsure as to the exact day that registration will open. As you can imagine, we are still in the process of dealing with Covid. It's difficult to guess what kind of restrictions might be in place this summer. But the plan is to still have Family Camp at the Mount Hermon Conference Center. They are actively pursuing the safest and most meaningful way to have camp. Please keep in mind that it will look different from previous years, so we appreciate your prayers, patience, and flexibility. As soon as we receive more information and direction from the Mount Hermon Conference Center, we will disseminate that information to those who have attended Mount Hermon in the past via email and post on this web page.

For those who kept their deposits with Mount Hermon Conference Center last year, you are technically already registered for camp this year. Please contact them for further information. If you are certain that you do not want to attend camp, please request a refund directly from Mount Hermon Conference Center, as JEMS has no connection with the payment aspect of camp.

Please note, Youth Camps will most likely be an online camp experience due to COVID-19.

Currently, the JEMS office is still closed due to Covid. Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions. Thank you.



After World War II, Japanese-American churches were dispersed and discouraged, and there arose a great need for mutual fellowship and encouragement. In 1950, a group of nisei pastors met and prayed at Mount Hermon for the spiritual awakening among the Japanese-American churches. Out of this gathering, the first JEMS Mount Hermon summer conference was born.

Annual Nisei Christian Youth Conference, Mount Hermon, June 1950_v2

While JEMS Mount Hermon started out with just the youth camp in 1950, it has since expanded to six divisions. We now have the Family, Jr. High, Inter High, Sr. High, College, and Special Camps. Additionally, our JEMS Mount Hermon family has grown to include all Asian-Americans, not just Japanese-Americans.


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God has used this ministry to bring many to faith. He has also given many the call to ministry at our camps. Apart from this, He has created a community of believers from across the country, and across denominations, who gather annually to encourage each other in their faiths. We thank God for all the numerous ways that He has used this ministry to bless His people.

We hope that you will come join our JEMS Mount Hermon family!