To share the Gospel with the people of Japan


Following the second World War, a conviction to share the Gospel to Japan was lit in the heart of Christian Niseis (2nd generation Japanese-Americans). However, they were rejected from going on missions by major U.S. Christian denominations, due to rampant post-war discrimination and prejudice against those of Japanese ancestry. Thus, in 1950, a group of Nisei pastors founded JEMS in order to reach Japan. 


The Japanese are the 2nd largest unreached people group across the globe. Less than 1% of Japanese profess faith in Christ. Many Japanese hold agnostic religious beliefs, although they may identify as Buddhist and/or Shinto. In an effort to support the church in Japan, JEMS has partnered with a variety of ministries in Japan.

JEMS provides a variety of opportunities to help the Gospel-spreading effort in Japan. We have missions opportunities ranging from summer missions (3 to 8 weeks), to short-term (1-3 years), to career and vocational missions (3+ years).

If you are interested in serving with JEMS in Japan, please contact our office via telephone (+1-213-613-0022) or via email (info@jems.org).


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